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Google Ads

Marketing Tips From The Late, Great Gary Halbert

Discover the number one advantage Gary Halbert wants when selling hamburgers. And, 5 ways to use it to increase your Google advertising sales and profits.

Google Ads

How To Get Discounted Google Cost-Per-Click Traffic

Google AdWords is Pay-per-click marketing. You set the budget and a per-click fee is deducted every time a prospect clicks through to your website. In this blog post I breakdown Cost-Per-Click and explain how to get discounted traffic from Google.

Google Ads

The Truth About Google Management Fees

All Google Management agencies must charge fees if they make money from your campaign. Some make the bulk of their profit as hidden fees. Discover how fees work and how to avoid hidden fee scams.

Google Ads

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On Google

Click Budget is a major component of your marketing spend. Discover the role click budget has on your pay-per-click campaign, and how much you need to spend to get results on Google.

Lead Generation

How To Create a Landing Page That Sells

On average 60 – 80% of website visitors leave your website in under 10 seconds. Your Landing Page must grab their attention, deliver your sales message, and get them to take action. Use this guide to create a create a landing page that sells.

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