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37% Lead Conversion Rate And Fully Booked In 3 Months

The Koan Practice provide Psychotherapy services in London and were the first to introduce the income based sliding scale fee plan.

The Business Challenge

In today’s market we need to out perform the competition to maintain a healthy profit. If you’re not testing better ways to deliver your marketing message, then sooner or later results will decline.

This was the story for The Koan Practice. They were early adopters of online advertising, but recent results had declined so far that their $4,000 ad spend failed to generate a single lead. To get help they turned to Click Profits.

How Click Profits Helped

Using Google Analytics and phone lead tracking the Click Profits team analysed how prospects interact with the website. Then, in a conversion hot seat consultation, we scrutinised every angle to understand the prospect and market. FInally, we relaunched their ad campaign with a custom marketing funnel.

The Result

The impact was instantaneous. The new marketing funnel converted 37% of website visitors in to a lead. The Koan Practice were fully booked within 3 months and generated 1,665 leads in the first six months. Watch the video case study.

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