Conversion Funnel Optimisation

Deliver your marketing message in a way that gets prospects to buy…

Product Page: Funnel Optimisation

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Your website has two important functions:

  • Create an online presence so that prospects can find and contact you.
  • Convert traffic into leads and sales (at a profit).

While most businesses have an online presence, only a few leverage their website to maximise profits.

Conversion Funnel Optimisation improves the sequence and delivery of your sales message to generate more leads and sales.


Did You Know…

  • The average website converts around 5% of website visitors into a lead. Which means 95% leave without taking any action.
  • The reality is, most prospects do not visit your website with the intention to buy.
  • If your website is focused on selling on the first visit, then it actually alienates the majority of your prospects.
  • Your goal is not to flip the prospect from “research mindset” to “buyer mindset”, but instead, align with their needs and desires. Once you “start the relationship” you can nurture the prospect and encourage them to buy when they’re ready.

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The Problem

On average it take 7-10 contacts with a prospect to win the sale.

However, most marketing strategies ignore this rule and do nothing to facilitate a multi-step sales process.

As a result, ad campaigns generate a low return on investment. And the business has no way to bring the prospect back when they’re ready to buy.


Conversion Funnel Optimisation

A conversion funnel is a sequence of steps and buying triggers that lead up to the sale.

Understanding your prospects buying journey is the first step to improve it.

Conversion Funnel Optimisation (CFO) improves the sequence and message down each step of the funnel in order to get the maximum number of prospects to buy.

Instead of ask for a big commitment on first contact, CFO gains a micro commitment (opt-in) in exchange for a small chunk of value.

This small commitment, called a Lead Magnet, puts the prospect into an automated email sequence designed to engage the prospect, build trust, and convert them to a customer.


Product Page: Conversion Funnel Optimisatiuon

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